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In the Politics Department we have three experienced A-level teachers. In our teaching we value critical thinking and analytical arguments, but above all we strive to infuse our students with passion for what goes on in the world around us. Politics is taught in mixed groups with boys from Abingdon School.

Dr Laura Gribble, Head of Politics

Facts and figures

George W. Bush is the only president to have been the head cheerleader in high school

There is a basketball court on the top floor of the US Supreme Court Building. Its nickname is the "highest court in the land”

10 Downing Street wasn't always 10 Downing Street. When the property was first offered to Prime Minister Robert Walpole by the king, it was known as number five Downing Street – but the door numbers have since been rearranged

The first woman to run for US President was Victoria Woodhull in 1872, nearly 50 years before the 19th Amendment allowed women to vote in presidential elections

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