Best of both worlds

Our partnership with Abingdon School is of longstanding and very fruitful duration. This connection becomes stronger in Sixth Form, with some jointly taught subjects and supercurricular activities, creating an enjoyable co-educational element in school before university begins.

There is a shared vision for how the two sixth forms work together, advocating the same values of respect and consideration as well as celebrating the difference in perspectives. Students lead on these values and set the tone in their schools, recognising that they are role models for their younger peers. Proximity in geography, ethos and aims allows for collaboration in many areas.


Curriculum A-level subjects currently taught jointly between St Helen’s and Abingdon:

  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Drama and Theatre
  • Psychology

Supercurricular and extracurricular

We join up with Abingdon students for a range of collaborative activities, including drama productions, concerts, debates, lectures and talks, subject societies, subject dinners, trips and socials. The schools also organise a joint Careers Convention and collaborate on higher education support.

Joint Bus Service

An extensive joint bus service network with convenient collection points across the Thames Valley serves both schools, bringing over 1200 students to school every day.

Sixth Form students at both schools act as bus leaders, supporting younger students and taking on responsibility during journeys to and from school.

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