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In English at St Helen’s, we see creativity and rigour as complementary forces. We shout loudly about the pleasure of reading, but in that enjoyment we see a gateway to exploring the issues that are important to young people. Yes, we talk about books – but we also talk about everything else.

Mr Jonathan Muir, Head of English

Facts and figures


words of Shakespeare studied by a student during her time at St Helen's


record number of books read by a Year 8 student in one term


approximate age of the oldest text we study


publication date of the newest text we study

Examination results 2022

GCSE results

      English Language
    • 9 – 787%

    • English Literature
    • 9 – 776%

A level results

      English Literature
    • A*56%
    • A* – A94%
    • A* – B100%

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