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Middle School

Middle School, Years 9–11, introduces new students and form groups. Continuity is provided by the form tutors who remain with their year groups and provide ongoing pastoral care. These important years, which culminate in (I)GCSE examinations, are characterised by the breadth and diversity of subjects, activities and opportunities available; academic work is carefully balanced with a wealth of extracurricular activities.

As students move into Middle School the shape of the curriculum evolves to reflect students’ individual areas of interest with choices offered in foreign languages and creative arts subjects. All Year 9 courses are designed to provide an excellent foundation for (I)GCSE work. During Lent term of Year 9 students will be asked to select their preferred (I)GCSE subjects, the study of which begins in Year 10. Most students study ten (I)GCSE subjects with six core subjects and four additional choices. The over-arching philosophy is quality rather than quantity.

Mrs Helen Nash, Head of Middle School

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